Annual Appeal

Fairfax County Public Library has become an indispensable resource for the Fairfax community. Residents in Fairfax County and the City of Fairfax rely on the library to advance their educational endeavors, cultural interests, and entertainment pursuits. In the last year, over 450,000 library card holders borrowed over 13 million items, and over 205,000 library visitors attended 13,148 programs offered by the library.

Fairfax Library Foundation holds the Annual Fund Appeal each year to provide funds for library programs and services, including Ready to Read Early Literacy Outreach, Changing Lives Through Literature, Scholarships, Programs and Presentations, and Books and Materials (including eBooks). Your generosity can help expand these already successful initiatives to touch the lives of even more Fairfax residents.

We hope that you will consider making a year-end Tax-deductible donation to the Fairfax Library Foundation through one of the following online venues: 

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Thank you for your support.