Art in the Pages

Fairfax County’s first public art project, Art in the Pages was a tremendous success!

This high-profile project continues to benefit the Library system through the Fairfax Library Foundation and was made possible by our generous signature sponsor Verizon and many others.

Art in the Pages spotlighted the delight of literature and reading through three major annual mid-year county events: the Fairfax County Public Library's (FCPL) Summer Reading Program, All Fairfax Reads, and the Fall for the Book Festival of Authors.

Verizon sponsored 4 foot high sculpture by artist Janet Stoeke, located at Access Services/Fairfax County Government Center.Local artists submitted custom designs and transformed blank, four foot high sculptures of an open book into colorful works of art (see image on left). Most of these unique designs reflected local themes or local people from history.

Not only did this initiative provide a showcase for local artists and benefit good causes, the artists’ wit and originality delighted the entire community!

Currently, most of these large, open book statues are on display at various sculpture locations outside of library branches, schools, and businesses in Fairfax County and the City of Fairfax since the spring of 2008 – serving as centerpieces for many cultural and literacy programs.

Blank, 5 inch high 'Art in the Pages' mini-statuette.This project was also extended to our young artists – whom diligently designed rare mini-statuettes (pictured, right) – no larger than 5” high. See all the FCPL Summer Reading Program winners!

From inception, Art in the Pages was buzzing in the media and kept all of those involved busy and excited about the possibility of a one-time project celebrating the joys of art and reading by the entire community – all ages, all cultures!

The Art in the Pages sculpture design unveiling reception took place at the home of the Honorable Charles and Lynda Robb. Months later, artists and sponsors enjoyed the Paint-In event showcasing the large statues at the old library building in the City of Fairfax. Artistically designed miniature statuettes were auctioned at the Art in the Pages final reception.

We want to extend our sincere gratitude to all of the artists, participants, Fairfax County Public Library staff, Fairfax Library Foundation Board and Committee members, corporate, organizational and individual sponsors, and Friends of FCPL who helped to make this initiative such a unique and commendable success!

This special public art initiative has increased the awareness of the enthusiasm for public art and highlighted the creativity of local artists; bridged the community through the shared enjoyment of the statues that transcends age, education, and ethnicity.

Visit Fairfax sponsored a statue that is now on display at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton.

""The once-orphaned Art in the Pages statue, titled The Book of Tumaini, finds a home at the Hopkins House James & Juliette McNeil Preschool which is rated among the top rated 50 preschools by Northern Virginia Magazine. Special thanks are extended to sponsors Alvah T. Beander of Melanin Art Appraisals and James & Juliette McNeil!

Artist: Michelle L. Opdahl
Title: The Book of Tumaini
Sponsored by: Alvah T. Beander of Melanin Art Appraisals and James & Juliette McNeil
Location: Hopkins House, McNeil Preschool.