Upcoming Fairfax County Public Library Author Programs

Author Presentations and Programs

The Library Foundation funds, in-part, several author programs and presentations, including Fall for the Book's Fairfax Prize, the Summer Reading Program, the Perspectives Series and other Center for the Book author presentations, and special events such as a series of concerts given by the local children’s band Rocknoceros. The Foundation also funds author interview podcasts.

Special events and programs in Fairfax County and the City of Fairfax bring a spotlight to reading, the importance of literacy, and the importance of the library here. These Programs and Presentations encourage community members to read more frequently while showcasing the library’s versatility and capabilities as a community gathering space.

This past year, programs and events increased in popularity, with 172,630 library customers attending 8,934 events.

“This was a great event. Amy Waldman is so smart and engaging and thought-provoking.”
– Stephanie Werhane, library customer

“Thank you to the Fairfax Library Foundation for sponsoring these awesome concerts!”
– Rocknoceros, local musician