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Back-to-College in the Time of COVID-19

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

By Sophia Dort

I never imagined that college would look this way, and I expect that my peers feel the same way. A few days after I returned home for Spring Break in March, my university informed us that we would not be returning to campus for the rest of the semester—all our classes would be converting to an online format. Then, in late July, the university president further informed us that juniors and seniors (I am a rising junior) would not be provided with campus housing for the Fall 2020 semester—meaning that my classmates and I would continue to take primarily online classes, thereby losing access to many crucial resources our college offers, including our college library.

That’s where Fairfax County Public Library comes in: To any college students reading this who are in a similar situation, FCPL is open for express services, and has resumed normal circulation procedures as of August 1. If you miss browsing the stacks in your school library, simply come to your local FCPL branch for a 30-minute express service visit. Better yet, you can visit FCPL 24 hours a day from the comfort of your own home, online. During a visit to FCPL, either in-person or online, you can find physical and electronic books and resources on any subject you might want to study.

Furthermore, FCPL offers a collection of in-library and online research databases that allow us to not only continue learning, but to continue doing our necessary research (you can find these databases here). While college may look completely different this semester, we can still engage in our studies to the best of our ability with the help of the Fairfax County Public Library system.

Sophia Dort is a junior at Duke University studying Chemistry and Classical Languages. She frequents the Oakton Library, both to volunteer and just to read books.


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