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English Conversations: Now Happening Online

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

By Sophia Dort

My mom has volunteered for Fairfax County Public Library in several capacities, one of which is the English Language Conversations program. These conversations are relaxed, judgment-free conversations between a native/fluent English speaker (e.g. my mom) and someone who is learning English and would like to practice their conversation skills. You can talk about almost anything, including your hometown/home country, favorite vacation destinations, your kids, mock job interviews, and more!

Right now, these conversations (like most Library events) have temporarily switched to an online format. Both small groups and one-on-one conversations are available. It’s not yet clear when these events will be able to be held in-person again, so we invite you to take advantage of these online opportunities while they last. You can find a calendar of events here (look for “English Conversation Online,” “Online One-to-One English Conversation,” and more).

Register sooner rather than later—this service is very popular, so spots fill up quickly!

Sophia Dort is a junior at Duke University studying Chemistry and Classical Languages. She frequents the Oakton Library, both to volunteer and just to read books.


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