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Fairfax Library Foundation Announces 2022 Scholarship Winners

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

ANNANDALE, VIRGINIA — In May, the Fairfax Library Foundation (FLF) awarded over $46,000 in scholarships to 28 recipients for both undergraduate, graduate and staff development opportunities.

This year’s recipients are:

Undergraduate Scholarships

  • Vipra Bhat

  • Breona Brogan

  • Katlyn Calustro

  • Cathy Chau

  • Yasmeen Galle

  • Daniel Hanna

  • Arielle Kim, Christine Chambers-Chun Scholarship

  • Eli Miller

  • Maha Noor

  • Susan Pirnat

  • Lauren Richardson, Burke Centre Friends’ Scholarship

  • Joseph Silver

  • Jaimi Turgeon, Pohick Friends’ Scholarship

  • Mia Simmons, Pohick Friends’ Scholarship

  • Safa Yosufzai, Pohick Friends’ Joan and Richard Vaaler Scholarship

  • Tara Yousef

Graduate Scholarships

  • Pamela Coughlan, Friends of Burke Centre Graduate Scholarship

  • Crystal Gillette

  • Vijaya Gollamudi, Edwin “Sam” Clay Scholarship

  • Rebecca Gray Kurylo, Pohick Friends’ Graduate Scholarship

  • Claire Quin

  • Becca Snider, Burke Centre Friends’ Graduate Scholarship

Staff Development

  • Shelby Allen

  • Renee Costello

  • Sondra Eklund

  • Alana Quarles

  • Caroline Tirona

  • Stephen Walker

“I am grateful for this opportunity to expand my knowledge. Fairfax Library Foundation has helped me immensely in the past with the undergraduate and graduate scholarships I earned while pursuing my degree, and I'm thrilled that I can continue to give back to the library through my work,” said FLF Finance Manager Shelby Allen.

Annually, the Fairfax Library Foundation awards four different scholarships to current library staff and volunteers in Fairfax County and the City of Fairfax. To date, the Foundation has awarded $244,000 to 83 graduate students, $2,647 to two post-graduate students, $155,100 to 120 undergraduate students and $82,369 to 228 employees for staff development.

Further information about the FLF scholarships can be found here.

For more information about scholarships contact Shelby Allen at 703-324-2411 or


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