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Where Are They Now?: Amanda Lewe

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Hello, my name is Rachel E. Kim, and I am an intern writing on behalf of the Fairfax Library Foundation. Welcome to “Where are they now?,” a blog series about the Foundation’s past scholarship recipients and their current situations.

For the fifth blog of the series, I interviewed Ms. Amanda Lewe, another recipient of the scholarship and a student at the College of William and Mary:

Q: What have you been pursuing or participating in since receiving the scholarship?

I have been pursuing education since receiving the scholarship.

Q: What is your career aspiration/situation? What inspired you to choose this area of study?

My career aspiration is in Elementary Education. I was recently accepted into Teach for America, a non-profit that accepts 15% of applicants to teach for two years in an under-resourced community. I will be teaching Elementary Education in the Bay Area after I graduate from William & Mary. Through the Fairfax Library Foundation Scholarship, I had the opportunity to learn more about access to literary materials.

Q: Why did you choose the Fairfax Library Foundation as your scholarship source?

I chose the Fairfax Library Foundation because I was passionate about library services and literacy. I thought the scholarship was a great blend of the two and would give me the opportunity to expose myself to library services.

Q: What made you a good candidate for the scholarship? Did the scholarship match your interests or career aspirations?

In high school, I had good grades and was involved in many clubs and organizations. Specifically, I did a lot of tutoring.

Q: Why was receiving scholarship assistance important to you?

The scholarship helped towards my tuition at William & Mary.

Q: How has the scholarship shaped your career path? What role has it played in your life?

Through the scholarship, I was able to learn about how literacy can impact a community. It definitely had a large impact on the importance of reading and access to diverse reading materials. I saw how important reading and literacy were, and I was motivated to combine my passion for education and reading together!

Q: What role has the library played in your life? In turn, what role have you played in enhancing the library?

The library has granted me access to an even wider range of books and ideas. I can spend an entire day at the library!


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