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Foundation’s Giving Tuesday Fundraiser Makes FCPL’s Collection 114 Books Richer

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Since its beginnings in 2012 as a coordinated pushback to the runaway commercialism of “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday,” Giving Tuesday has quickly become a global movement, with more and more charitable causes vying for donation dollars each year. It was with this ever-increasing competition for donations in mind that the Fairfax Library Foundation introduced its annual “Deck the Shelves” Giving Tuesday fundraiser.

This year marks the second year the Foundation, rather than asking its supporters to pledge cash through the usual fundraising platforms, challenged its supporters to visit their Amazon Wish List and select one of the 18 most-needed books requested by the TechOps staff at Fairfax County Public Library. Progress was monitored throughout the day via a tote board-style graphic.

Each book purchased is adorned with a bookplate commemorating the donor’s generosity. Donors even have the option of being the first to check out the book they donate once it arrives via the Foundation's First Loan Program.

This year’s Deck the Shelves exceeded all expectations. At the end of the day, 114 new books in total had been added to FCPL’s collection.


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