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LEGO and Pokemon Nights

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

By Sophia Dort

If you follow the FLF blog regularly, you may remember that I discussed my mom’s library volunteer work in my previous post, describing her work with English Language Conversations program. She has also volunteered at several children’s events, among them LEGO Nights and Pokemon Club Nights once a month (each). She tells me what she loved most about both of these activities was their focus on free play: no one was telling the children what to build (or what to trade for Pokemon Club), but she and the other volunteers simply allow the children to play in whatever way most inspires them.

LEGO Nights are geared towards children from 0-12 years old (with Duplos provided for younger children), and Pokemon Club is geared towards children aged 6-12. Unfortunately, as most library events have had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, these activities are not currently being hosted, but we look forward to seeing your children back once they resume!

Sophia Dort is a junior at Duke University studying Chemistry and Classical Languages. She frequents the Oakton Library, both to volunteer and just to read books.


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