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Movie Night, Despite the Lockdown

Updated: Aug 29

By Sophia Dort

Most of us are probably a little bored. We’ve exhausted our Netflix/Hulu/Disney+ accounts, and are still looking for movies to watch. Thankfully, Fairfax County Public Library offers DVDs for rent! Simply go to the Library Catalog, type in a keyword or two (e.g. Disney), and select "DVD" in the “Limit By” field underneath. Or you can go into your local library branch and browse their DVD collection in person.

Do you miss movie theaters? Sometimes, watching a movie on your home television just isn’t the same. To recreate the theater experience, you could purchase a video projector and project your favorite film onto the wall of your house or garage (indoors or outdoors). I recommend getting some popcorn and lemonade—or whatever your favorite theater snacks and drinks are—and making a fun evening of it.

If you have enough movies already (or movies aren’t really your thing), the Library also has audiobooks for rent. These can be especially good for long car trips (or short trips—whatever fits your summer schedule). Whatever your entertainment of choice may be, the Library can help you find and enjoy it.

Sophia Dort is a junior at Duke University studying Chemistry and Classical Languages. She frequents the Oakton Library, both to volunteer and just to read books.


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